Deborah’s Network / Family Life Program


Deborah the wife of Lappidoth becomes a name synonymous with integrity in Bible history.

Not only was she a mother, prophetess, judge, singer, and political leader; her faith in God, her strength and wisdom in combining the job of a wife, mother, prophetess and an army commander were recognized by both men and women of her day. Read her story in the Book of Judges chapter 4.

It has to be said that Deborah made herself available for God’s use – as a sanctified vessel of honor, useful indeed for the Master’s exceptional work [II Timothy 2:20-21] enduring through eternity.

Brief History

Deborah’s Descendants Network was born out of the vision, and concern for family’s welfare – old and young.
The aims include elevating the status of marriage and to build the POWER OF UNITY and SELF ESTEEEM among married couples – in homes, churches and the society at large.

It is also to teach young adults on how to realize the totality of their calling in life, both through experiential learning as well as instructions from those that have achieved marital success, through the grace of God as stated in Titus 2:6-10.

It is our desire to carry out these mandates through seminars, counseling and teachings, on how to build marriages under the leadership of the Lord God, the Creator and the Originator of marriage.

The book of Malachi 2:11 describes marriage as God’s “holy” institution which He loves. If, as God’s people we love God, we also must love and uphold what He loves. We cannot be unmindful of the fact that there are circumstances sometimes that seem beyond what we can handle humanly; but by making the time to bow our knees in prayers of faith before the God our Maker and the Originator of marriage, those unwelcome circumstances must always bow.

Deborah’s Descendants Network is dedicated to both old and young couples, young adults and by all means for future generations as well.

Since the start of the organization in 1996, we have reached countless number of families, parents, as well as children. The establishment of the fellowship followed strictly in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We focus on building people’s faith to achieve unhindered blessings of God in marriage.

Year 2018 New Goal and Objective & Name Change:

Going forward, the group will be referred to as “Deborah Lappidoth’s Family Network.”

We realize that it takes two to build a family: a husband and a wife.

It is obvious that Deborah of old had the support and involvement of her husband in responding to God’s call on her life.
It is therefore necessary that both husband and wife desire and receive God’s direction in building their home.

There are no shortcuts to building a healthy, loving and caring family. It requires time, hard work, and sacrifice of both partners. It also demands that each partner recognizes and encourages the qualities of his or her partner: putting the other first – always [Romans 12:9-10].

Deborah Lappidoth’s Descendants Network is NOT limited to the boundaries of any particular Church. It shall continue to remain open to everyone whose heart the Lord will touch with the burden of sending godly ambassadors to their future.


Under the leading of the Holy Spirit and in conjunction with interested men and women, the Deborah Lappidoth’s Descendants Network will continue to make efforts to reach families for the Kingdom.

We encourage you to get involved with this vision of building God’s “holy” institution in any capacity: praying, counseling, ministering, organizing and/or financial sponsorship.

If you should desire to be part of the vision, please request and fill out the simple participation form right after tonight’s meeting.
Our monthly programs will continue on the first Friday of every month and workshops, seminars, counseling and teachings will also continue to hold.