About Us


Christ’s Ambassadors’ Ministries is a transdenominational, non-profit 501 c [3] Church organization. The revelation about the Church was given under the influence of the Holy Spirit and is principally focused on winning over the hearts and souls of men and women, to offer deliverance from the shackles of sin and Satan through the knowledge and demonstration of the name and power of Jesus Christ. The Ministry extends hands of fellowship to other Church organizations in the Ministry of God’s Word and administers unconditional help to those in need – in the areas of spirituality, health, and wealth – in accordance with the Word of God [III John v.2].

The mission of Christ’s Ambassadors’ Ministries is to create and mold disciples of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to transform our world by raising men and women of POWER, FAITH, and of PRAISE who will glorify God with full obedience to His perfect will and impact our generation through exemplary lifestyles as true Ambassadors. It is the Ministry’s desire to create opportunities for a solid and stable foundation in Christian walk. Our Motto: CHRISTIAN LIFE with INTEGRITY

The main objectives of Christ’s Ambassadors’ Ministries, MA are:

  • To be a Church whose purpose is to be Christ-like in daily living, emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the Lordship of Jesus Christ – as true Ambassadors. Phil. 3:10-21
  • To be a dynamic organ of the Body of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with as many people as possible within our community, and throughout the world. Eph. 4:14-32
  • To offer an opportunity for deliverance to those held and deceived by Satan and to help families understand God’s plan. Luke 1:68-75; Rom. 7:4-6; Titus 3:1-8
  • To advance the Christian faith, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ as contained in the Holy Bible. John 13:13-17; II Tim. 2:10-15; 4:1-5;
  • To experience a meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers and to help them experience a growing knowledge of Jesus Christ. I John 1:1-3
  • To be a Church that serves our community and the world around us – selflessly in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. II Cor. 5:11-21; Luke 10:25-37; Titus 1:1-16

It is certainly not by mere fate that you have found us. For this reason, we would love to tell you more about our church and what we stand for. All you have to do is give us a call at 339-237-3933 or send an email to .